Top 5 Outdoor Recreational Activities

River Rafting

            One of the most popular recreational activities in adventure tourism. Rafting is divided into 6 levels of difficulty. It is the most adrenaline pumping activity in the mountainous terrains. Any mountain river is potentially suitable for river rafting.

Rock Climbing and Mountaineering

            Mountaineering is one of the oldest recreational activities, rock climbing, an integral part of mountaineering has turned a new leaf in the world of outdoor recreation. Undulated surfaces being spread all over the world, rock climbers find possibilities almost everywhere.


            Flying now is not only a passion but is a regular sport too.


            It has similarity of skydiving, but the advantage of paragliding over skydiving is the pilot harness where the pilot can sit and enjoy the ride while maneuvering the glider with its advanced gears.

Scuba Diving

The peaceful underwater retreat attracts tourists to various coral and marine life destinations every year. Not only the marine life and the formations of the corals, but the mystical shapes and structures conjured on the ocean beds also pull one’s attention