Top 5 Adventures That You Must Try On

The Lost World and Angel Falls

The world’s highest waterfall, as it plunges 3,200ft.

 New Zealand’s Classic Trail

Highly regulated due to its popularity and you should book well in advance as a maximum of 90 walkers a day start the trail. The 33-mile trek takes in mountains, waterfalls, lakes and glacial valleys and you will stay in comfortable lodges or basic huts.

Australia’s Red Centre

One of the world’s great bush walks.

Ladakh and Stok Kangri, The Himalayas

Reach the summit in time to see one of the most spectacular sunrises in the Himalayas.

Polar bears in Spitsbergen 

Wildlife expedition around the island of Spitsbergen. You will see aerial displays by breeding seabirds and groups of walrus, as well as pods of ghostly white beluga whales.