Top Adventure Activities around the World


This is your indispensable guide to adrenaline-pumping, heart-pounding activities around the world. The following list represents the most popular adventure activities offered around the world, where you can do each one both near and far from home.

Exploring the Grand Canyon

Not only has breathtaking scenery and undeniable history, it’s also an adventure addict’s play land, with so many activities for all levels of ability.

Day Trips

Getting away for a day is a great way to get some adventure into a trip that otherwise can be full of culture or relaxation.

Dubai Desert Fun

Off-roading is a popular pastime in the UAE, so you have some options to choose from like 4×4 Desert Safari in Dubai.

Animal Encounters

Get your heart racing while simultaneously getting up close and personal with nature than during an encounter with a wild animal.

Winter Activities

Winter is a time to curl up indoors and hibernate until the weather improves. But adventurers know that a bit of snow and chill is simply an invitation to a whole host of new experiences.

Underwater Fun

Watch marine life up close.